Foto Gournal (ricewillbesaucy) wrote,
Foto Gournal

This guy came into Ace today...

I just helped this Puerto Rican guy at ace with a brand new Impala that "got fucked up" by "some fucked up ho".

"I let some fucked up ho drive it, I was like 'yeah drive it up the street and get some blunts' but that bitch ran over some shit and the way it sounded; nigga, I be havin' chest pains from that shit. It sounded like it fucked up my whole car."

Upon further inspection, it was only minor cosmetic damage. Easy enough to fix with what? Goop, of course. It's the duct tape of adhesives. It fixes anything. We put some stainless steel screws and washers in it to clamp it in place until it cured but "after that," I told him "you won't be able to rip it off."

"Nigga that shit looks good. Thanks cuh. What are you like a part time mechanic or something?"

No, I just work at Ace Hardware.

Peace out nigga...wherever you are.
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