Foto Gournal (ricewillbesaucy) wrote,
Foto Gournal

I am talking on Laura's AIM

highwayfashion: I had a lady come in today
highwayfashion: she's checking out
highwayfashion: and out of nowhere she says to the cashier
highwayfashion: I talk english and spanish
highwayfashion: do you?
highwayfashion: the cahsier says no I don't speak spanish
highwayfashion: the other lady says "hmmm...too bad"
highwayfashion: I was thinking *you TALK spanish*?
scholarly paper: wow what an arrogant BITCH
highwayfashion: I hope you talk spanish better than you talk english
scholarly paper: hahaha
scholarly paper: i just caught that
highwayfashion: haha
scholarly paper: that would have been great if the cashier said to her: No but i SPEAK english hahahah
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